University Degree:

University Degree:   Documents
1997-2002, the South - Ural State University (SUSU), department of "Commerce." Qualifications: The merchant. Diploma with honors. Diploma of Higher Education
МВА:   Documents
2006-2010, the International Institute of Management LINK. The MBA program "Management of the organization." Qualifications: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
2006 Internship Program MBA in UK, TNG.
2007 Internship program MBA in France, InTrFrance.
MBA diploma
Certificate of training in England
Certificate of training in France

Further Education:

In the field of foreign trade logistics:   Documents
2013 Program "Manager International Transport", Czech Republic
2012 Course "Minimum of Customs Declarant", Czech Republic
2012 Course "INCOTERMS 2010", Czech Republic
2011 Seminar "The organization of international transportation and customs clearance of foreign trade goods", Finland
2008 Seminar "The disputes with customs authorities. Customs value ", Russia
2008 Course "Director of Foreign Economic Activity", Russia
2008 Course "Customs value of goods: Practical Aspects", Russia
2007 Program "Training of customs clearance", Russia
Manager International Transport
Transportation logistics
Minimum of Customs Declarant
Organization of international transportation and customs clearance
Disputes with Customs
Director FEA
The customs value of goods
Customs Clearance
In the field of management:   Documents
2007 Course of "Strategy", Russia
2004-2006. The "Management" program, "The professional certificate and diploma with honors in Business Administration» was received, The Open University
2006 Seminar: "The secret of a successful business: how to run a business at a distance", Russia
2006 Seminar "Business success - from intuition to the system", Russia
2005 Training "Effective business skills - communication," Russia
2005 Master - class of "Balanced Scorecard", Russia
2005 Business - class "How to become a leader in the head", Russia
2004 Seminar - Training "Time management", Russia
2004 Seminar - Training "Effective Negotiations in hostile environment", Russia
Diploma of Management
Certificate Management
Management of activities and changes
Managing Finance and Information
Marketing and Quality Management
Management and Organization and Staff
Balanced Scorecard
Time Management
In  the field of marketing and sales:   Documents
2007-2008. The course "Marketing strategies in a complex environment," Russia
2006 The "Practical Marketing", Russia
2005 Training "Effective business skills - communication," Russia
2004 Seminar "Effective promotion of the market", Russia
2004 Seminar - Training "Active sales", Russia
2004 Seminar - Training "Effective Negotiations in hostile environment", Russia
2003 Seminar - training "Management of Sales from A to Z", Russia
2001 Seminar - Training "School specialist selling advertising opportunities," Russia
Marketing Strategy
Practical Marketing
Effective promotion of the market
Active sales
Sales team from A to Z
Advertising Sales Specialist
In the field of ecomomics and finance:   Documents
2006-2007. The course "Economics in Practice Manager", Russia
2006 Seminar on "Investment Strategy. How to make money in the financial markets ", Russia
The economy in the practice of management
Investment strategies
In the field of accounting:   Documents
2012 Course "VAT on the supply of goods and services within the EU and in third countries", Czech Republic
2012 Course «INTRASTAT - in European accounts to trade in the EU", the Czech Republic
2012 Course "Invoice - Invoicing and documents", Czech Republic
2012 Course of "Amortization of the purchase of fixed assets", Czech Republic
2012 Course "VAT on exports and imports", Czech Republic
2012 Practical course «MONEY S3» and «TaxEdit», Czech Republic
2011 Course "Accounting program« MONEY S3 », Czech Republic
2011 The "Accounting", Czech Republic
VAT on the supply of goods and services
Invoice - tax documents
VAT on import and export
Accounting program «MONEY S3»
In the field of law:   Documents
2010 Course of "Legal for entrepreneurs", Czech Republic Legal

Awards and achievements:

In education and practice:   Documents
In 2008, the Certificate of Merit for the fruitful cooperation with South Ural State University, Russia
In 2006 was awarded the nomination - Three-time Super Student, Russia
In 2005 the author of professional journal articles "Sales Management", Russia
In 2002 The acknowledgement of Chelyabinsk Radio Plant "Flight", Russia
In 2001 was awarded a fellowship of the Governor "for his achievements in education", Russia
Certificates of honor
The three-time Super Student
Article: Sales Manual
The acknowledgment
Governor's scholarship